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What is TPN?

TPN is the abbreviation for Tulip Promotion Netherlands. The foundation was established by over 500 tulip growers. They combine, to create the global promotion of the tulip.

What does TPN?

TPN promotes the tulip by organizing various promotional activities annually. The greatest activity is National Tulip day. On the 3rd Saturday of January the Tulip season starts, traditionally. On this day the tulip growers organize a real tulip garden with over 200.00 tulips, were tulip fans can pick their own bunch of tulips, on Dam Square in Amsterdam

Why does TPN do that?

The tulip growers draw tulips in various ways to the attention of consumers and stimulate sales of the tulip. Tulips give joy and that’s what the growers love to share!

tulp vrijstaand

Who are we?

Tulip Promotion Netherlands has a steering committee, which is responsible for the foundation and its activities. The steering committee consists of:

  • Arjan Smit President (Smit Flowers)
  • Joost Wesselman Treasurer (Wesselman Flowers)
  • Bas Karsten Secretary (Rainbow Colors)
  • Gerard Reus (G & K Reus)
  • Sam Veldboer (Hybris)
  • Stef Ruiter (J.C.J. Ruiter-Wever)
  • Geert Laan (Laan Tulips)
  • Anja Jansze (De Tulperij)
  • Henny Bruggeman Projectmanager Tulip (Royal FloraHolland)
  • Sandra Balk Projects and Online Communication (Creatizz)
  • Paul Ras Projectmanager (Sense marketing & more)


The Steering Committee meets approximately eight times a year to discuss the plans to determine progress, to adjust, to evaluate and to control the finances.


Tulips are joy and we are happy to share! In 2012 we organized the first Tulip day, that was the beginning of a successful and unique event!

Unique Tulip pick garden

Tulip day is a unique Dutch tulip festival, which traditionally is held on the 3rd Saturday in January. This day marks the start of the season. Annually a real Tulip pick garden is organized in the middle of Amsterdam, right on the Dam where more than 15,000 fans visit the unique garden, to pick their own bunch of tulips.

Tulips & skating

TPN is also a sponsor of sporting skating events. Our tulips gladden the winners, which appear on the podium of the skating arena.


TPN helps achieve tulips initiatives, organizing tulips and consulting. The tulip growers want to help your idea, on your way!


The activities of TPN inspire other companies and entrepreneurs. In recent years great projects have been implemented with the tulip in the lead.

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It’s the third Saturday in January: National Tulip Day

Hooray, it is the third Saturday in January! What are we celebrating? The start of the tulip season!
What we achieve with National Tulip Day:


years this is the official
kick-off of the tulip season


live visitors


visit the Tulip Garden


Shops celebrate the start too;
supermarkets – florists


National and international
TV and radio stations talk about it


million reach via newspapers
and magazines

Looking back on last edition of National Tulip Day

With promotional activities TPN created worldwide success.
A short impression of National Tulip Day, last year.

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